As if the effects of Covid-19 haven’t been serious and life-changing enough, there has ben another, less publicised consequence that is now affecting many people.

If, as present trends seem to be indicating, the virus may not be contained for some time, then this consequence could start to affect even greater numbers.

The mandatory lock-downs and enforced isolation have resulted in significant numbers of the public experiencing unexpected, and for some, previously unknown feelings of anxiety.

The fact that life in the future is likely to have changed permanently because of the virus means these fears can become deeply embedded into our minds.

The enforced isolation and social distancing requirements can lead to a fear of mingling or socialising with others.

Media reporting while understandably dominated with the latest statistics can unfortunately intensify levels of distress.

If you have been affected in this way and are experiencing anxiety either for the first time, or are finding that it has caused your existing conditions to worsen, please seek help in alleviating of eliminating them.

You owe it to yourself

If these issues are left unresolved, they can negatively affect your health now and the longer term.

Learning or practicing techniques to help calm your mind and body will help in lessening the effects of the present pandemic.

You should soon find that your mood will lighten and your anxiety will decrease. The more you practice these techniques; their effects will become stronger.

Try changing your normal routine in order to minimize the intensity and volume of incoming information. The seemingly unending barrage of negative news that we are faced with does little to help keep a positive mind-set.

This is not a “burying your head in the sand” approach, but it does lessen the onslaught to the mind that will help you achieve more success with the calming techniques and their subsequent benefit to your health.

Covid-19 will eventually be overcome in time however it is essential that everyone looks after their own health now and in the future.