How I Can Help

Treating The Whole Person – Not Just The Symptom

I understand that consulting a therapist for the first time for some people can be a daunting experience. Talking about your symptoms/concerns to someone you have never met might seem to be a scary idea. Allow me to reassure you that I make every effort to make your experience both comfortable and rewarding.

I offer a free initial consultation, in person or via a video call, allowing us to discuss your problems in more detail. There is no obligation to commence therapy, it’s just a chance to talk things through. If however you decided to proceed, it would provide me with an opportunity to tailor my therapy to suit your individual needs

If you have read my “About” page you will know a little about me and the understanding that I bring to every person that I see.

I also understand that some people worry that they can’t be helped or that therapy is just “talking about problems.” This is not so. My mission is to help you to completely transform, resolve, or bring about a satisfactory end to the problems you’re experiencing.

     The list below shows just some of the many areas that can show         positive change from the range of therapies that I use.

Lack of Confidence,    Low Self Esteem,    Negative Thinking,    Stress,    Anxiety,    Feeling Out of Control,    Phobias,  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome),      Nightmares,     Irrational Fears,    Compulsions,    Weight Control,    Obsessions, Emetophobia (fear of being sick),     Panic Attacks,    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME),   Emotional Problems, Assertiveness,    Sleep Problems,   Smoking Cessation,  Nail Biting,  Anger Management,   Grief,   Guilt,  Preparations for Surgery/Speeding Recovery,  Presentation & Exam Nerves,  Negative Thinking/Negative Memories.

If your particular concerns, set of symptoms or difficulties is not contained within the above list,  please do not assume that I cannot help you as the list of issues that can be helped is far too long to show here.

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