Oh yes, how many times has someone said that, or something similar to you when they have found out you are suffering from stress or a panic disorder and how did those words make you feel?

Well for a start they wouldn’t make you feel any better, and would probably make your condition a little worse, if that was possible.

Even more distressing is when you are told that what you are experiencing is “all in your head.”

Other people are the experts on your condition, or so they presume to be, when in fact they have absolutely no comprehension of how you feel and what affects your stress and anxiety are having on your everyday life.

“You’ll soon get over it, just take things a bit easier for a few days.”

“I know how you feel because I’ve been a bit tense myself.”

“Just relax for goodness sake, it’s not difficult.”

“Why are you like this.”

“There is something wrong in your head, I think you need to see someone about it.”

Unfortunately these comments and ones like them often come from people who we are close to like family members, which makes the comments that much harder to cope with and they hurt.

The feelings are certainly NOT on your head, they are real physical and debilitating feelings that cause misery each and every day.

At times like that we can feel that we are the only one who is suffering this way and that any hope of getting better is a forlorn one and never going to happen and this is understandable but I am glad to say, incorrect.

I have been in this position in the past so I know how it feels but I now know that you can do something about how you feel and get back to enjoying life.

Learning new and effective techniques that help you overcome stress and anxiety is the way forward to a new life where you can live again.

You weren’t born being stressed or anxious and so those conditions have come about through your experiences through life that have left unpleasant memories and feelings that were part of those times.

You can learn to take back control of how your body and mind react when stress or anxiety strikes. 

When you realise that you are able to take control of how you react and feel in those times, it will give you a new sense of freedom that can be overwhelming.

Just take it easy? Well you can.