Suffering with anxiety is not only very unpleasant, for some people it can completely dominate their life each and every day.

We can often feel anxious about events such as an upcoming examination, or possibly planning a visit to the dentist?

This is completely normal and soon passes after the event, but anxiety that is constantly present, never being able to switch off the thoughts and worries, is exhausting, both mentally and physically.

It’s like there is something inside our self but outside our control and that makes it scary.

Generalised anxiety can in time lead to having panic attacks that happen without warning. Suddenly we can feel our heart start pumping faster as we try to escape the situation we are in at that time.

We sweat, feel sick and not uncommonly feel as though we are going to die as we have difficulty in getting our breath.

Eventually we escape the place where the panic attack has occurred and feel safe once again, slowly recovering from the episode.

Recovering until the next time that it happens, which, unfortunately is highly likely to happen with increasing certainty.

If left untreated the condition can get worse, which detracts not only from a quality if life of the individual, but also has a knock on affect to those around them.

With the appropriate treatment and support, many people can learn how to control their symptoms and hence get on with their lives again. Able to cope with situations that once controlled and dictated where they went, who they met or how they lived their lives each day.

Why would anyone delay in finding that peace of mind and body?

It is possible to learn how to deal with and control anxiety and those awful panic attacks, easily and successfully.

Do it for the good of yourself and those around you and for the good of your long-term health, because you can.